Puta Libre – Short Film, 28 min. (2017)

“Eastern girls trafficking is increasing which endows the presidential campaign of powerful politician Silvio Santoro.

On the way to their honeymoon, an ordinary couple ends up in the heart of Silvio’s business, his dangerous thugs and their rival, Pavel, a Russian agent intended to save his sisters from the East.”

Directed by Blaise Villars and Kevin Haefelin aka The Stach’ Brothers

Starring Oleg Karnaukh, Julie Conti, Robert Szuplewski, Felipe Castro, Antonio Buil, Armen Godel, Anissa Cadelli, Julia Batinova, Hélène Patricio and many others.

Puta Libre was produced entirely by the Stach’ Brothers, shot between 2011 and 2015. The film took a lot of time to be finished and released because it was a zero-budget B movie with high production value wanted.

Shot on:

Canon 7D


Canon EF 17-50mm

Tokina EF 11-16mm